Friday, 9 June 2017

Museum trip

On Thurday Team 2 saw a lot of things when we went to the museum. When we got there we ate. Well I ate a Nutbar. When we were finished our food we saw I nteresthing things. My group was Team Rocket but I don't new why.  But I enjoyed it still. We took a look around the museum. I loved the big bird called the Moa which was the biggest bird in New Zealand and it was 3m tall. First we went upstairs to learn some things up there, and when we were there we learned about a pekapeka which is the bat. The kaka is a parrot and the ruru is an owl. Now the kiwi is a kiwi. This was the song we learned: "Pekapeka kaka ruru kiwi, pekapeka kaka ruru kiwi."
Then it was time to go back so we went back on the bus to class. I felt so happy for me and for team 2.


  1. Hi lia I like your picture from the museum trip.

  2. Hi loa I love that you had a great morning from Aaron.